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Changing exchanging, multi-ethnicity and fashion, computer-aided greenhouses: many ways to #beethechange

#beethechange Award 2016

The Carosella Group #beethechange Award keeps on growing! And looks ahead to prepare the 2017 edition. In the meanwhile, the 2016 edition’s final act.

The final act of the third edition of the Premio #beethechange took place on Wednesday, 14th December in the Banca Stabiese Conference Hall, in Castellammare di Stabia.

In that prestigious venue, before an overcrowded audience, featuring the Mayor of the city, many eminent Rotarians from all over southern Italy, and a multitude of students, teachers, professors and school headmasters, the ceremony started with recalling the human and professional traits of Antonio Carosella, whom the Award is dedicated to.

A short yet touching video featured some Antonio’s friends describing his relationship with religion, the teacher and the intellectual, the rotarian, the open-minded manager.

After a short presentation of the Premio’s objectives and the roles played by Schools and Universities, Enterprises, and Carosella Group itself, the Independent Evaluation Committee, after a thorough and thoughtful analysis of the works, came on the stage to appoint the winners of both the categories, High School and University.

In the High School category the Award was won by a group of four girls of the Fashion and Textile Arts Professional Institute Enzo Ferrari. They completely designed and realised by themselves a dress made only with recyclable materials (please see pictures beside).

Their emotional motivation and their interpretation of the contest theme is reported in the following lines. It appears to be the best description, we think, of the reasons why they won the first prize.

"The creation of a dress able to talk to us about multi-ethnicity through its lines and colours, as artistic expression with a poetical purpose (as it emphasizes the shape of the message), aims at effectively making the multi-ethnicity concept understandable. So a multi-ethnic dress becomes the effective and exciting proof of how different aspects of different cultures can not just peacefully coexist, but even give life to a creature  witnessing fairness, harmony, peace.

A dress is worn by a human being. And it is exciting to imagine how a human being may turn into a living channel transmitting a universal message of peaceful coexistence and ultimately of bright hope for the future”.


Another group of students from the same High School was awarded a Merit Mention for their “Computer-aided Greenhouse” based on the Arduino One technology. The students’ purpose is to make the greenhouse maintenance and control free from the human attendance. This objective is achieved through leveraging the Arduino card’s ability to manage information coming from different sensors, thus guaranteeing the environment stability and the plants well-being regardless of the human presence.

In the University students’ category the winner was a young student studying at the Political Sciences and International Relations Department of the Federico II Naples University.

"Changing is exchanging" she said introducing her project. “My project aims at realising a book about Green Economy and Smart Cities, witnessing actual experiences gathering in a multicultural, multi-ethnic context partners like the Rotaract Clubs of London Westminster, UK, Cairo, Egypt and Zurich,Switzerland and leveraging the most up-to-date online platforms and application design environments”. So, “backbones and ICT will be the keywords for the new Green / Global partnership”, she concluded.


We may even quote her assumption modifying her introduction just a bit saying “changing exchanging” that is exchanging change experiences among communities from different countries, cultures, races and faiths. And this definitely is the proof of how the key values of the Award have been not only fully understood, but even effectively put into action in this project by the winner.

The works mentioned above, along with the great success of the meeting, for us at Carosella Group are both the best premise and toughest commitment to making even better in the future.


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#beethechange 2016 #beethechange 2016

#beethechange 2016 #beethechange 2016

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