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GRC: How to target your leads

Complexity is the key to target GRC prospects

Compliance and risk management are definitely best practices for any enterprise, regardless of industry and size. But what is the driver we should keep on our forefront while defining our market?

When it comes to Risk Management and Compliance, a question hard to answer often is: who are our prospective clients? What criteria should we set forth to properly qualify a lead? And what is each criterion’s most appropriate value?

Sometimes the question is put much simpler, but the answer is hard anyway: How big should a company’s organisation be in order for us to contact it with some chances of success? Or is the turnover the very key to tell the right lead from the wrong one? And what about the industry it belongs to?

We have always been thinking that all and none of them are good criteria to base our evaluation upon, provided that we keep in mind that the compliance implies behaviours as well as the risk management does. And behaviours means responsibility, decisions made, penalties for any breaches of the rules. So the keyword is complexity.

Complexity is indeed a much more significant criterion than turnover or workforce.

High turnover levels in a company where responsibility and decision making power are concentrated upon a very few directors/managers make the company itself not the rightest client.

Nor is a good client a company with a numerous workforce most of which is at a just operating level, without it being active part of the decision making process.

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