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Our very challenge: giving a real growth opportunity to young students

The #beethechange Award

 We are looking forward to enhance the students’ sensibility to topics like ethics, multiculturalism, active citizenship and accountability, fostering and rewarding their commitment to undertake the role of main actors of a virtuous change in the community, Putting students, enterprises, education institutions together to project a better future for all.

The #beethechange Award is organised yearly by Carosella Group. It is dedicated to the memory of Antonio Carosella, teacher of Classical Literature and Languages in Italian High Schools.

Funded by Carosella Group in order to make the access to this opportunity possible to any deserving students, regardless of their economic conditions, the Award consists of offering a human and professional development opportunity to young students.


To enhance the students’ sensibility to topics like ethics, multiculturalism, active citizenship and accountability, fostering and rewarding their commitment to undertake the role of main actors of a virtuous change in the community.


The Award is addressed to students of High Schools and Universities. Just graduated people are eligible also. Therefore, the Award is articulated in two categories, High Schools and Universities, precisely.

For each category, the Award is conferred, upon a specific invitation to compete, to young individuals who distinguished themselves for their curriculum studiorum and, most importantly, for testifying to how and why their own personal commitment influenced or may likely influence the community, determining a positive change in it.

The young individuals’ attitude to face cultures, languages and social and professional environments other than their usual ones is an additional, yet important criterion.

Nature of the Award

Basically the Award provides for offering to the winners an educational stage opportunity at one of the companies or organisations partnering the initiative. The stage can be attended in the winners’ home country or abroad.


The Award provides for a yearly invitation to compete to be published for each candidates’ category.

The judgment of the candidates, for each category, is based upon the analysis of the curriculum studiorum and the testimony of a significant, even future or expected, change in the community life the candidate was main actor of.

The testimony can be presented in any form, including, but not being limited to a written text, a project, a video or audio clip, a set of photographs or, generally, any other adequate form.

The role of Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities will be sensitising Teachers, Professors and, most importantly, Students: these last ultimately are the actual beneficiaries of this initiative; therefore the largest participation will be welcome, thus giving the Award the most effective and widespread emphasis.

The role of Enterprises and Organisations

The Enterprises’ role consists of declaring and putting into action their availability to offer educational / professional stages to the candidates awarded.

This way, enterprises will be effectively testifying to their commitment to community development, responsibility and sustainability and will contribute to fostering in young individuals a strong interest to them. In the meantime, enterprises will be promoting a multidisciplinary approach to ethical-social-regulatory compliance.

The role of Carosella Group

The role of Carosella Group is to organise and sponsor the initiative.

At Carosella Group, people are convinced that an enhanced ethical sensibility to environment and human community might make the business arena a better place to compete in. Carosella Group’s mission is to support and encourage companies in their efforts to put into action the ethical and social responsibility they have towards the environment and the community they operate within.

Carosella Group’s consulting services are technically completed by our proprietary software platform, Bee (Business Environment Ethics). This is where the award name comes from.


As to the Award, at Carosella Group promoters are totally aware of how much new professional competences can play a strategic role in the business arena, as far as being connoted by an outstanding multidisciplinary vision able to integrate advanced culture, technology, legal, economic and social skills.

As proved by several events spanning both the sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the business world shows an ever-growing demand of integration between regulatory compliance and ethical-social responsibility.

In this perspective, Carosella Group aims at providing young students (even those not actually awarded) with its organisation, tools, relationships to facilitate their access to a new type of professional profile, the Sustainability Manager, who will be acquainted with Corporate Social Responsibility, regulatory compliance, Enterprise Risk Management and last generation software technologies.




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