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Compliance is not making business harder, it’s making business better

About ethical attitude, rules and controls

Are really compliance and risk management best practices for improving and developing your enterprise’s ethical profile? Let’s see what companies think and feel.

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The Rotary Emblem

Bee, as business environment ethics

Our approach to designing organisation models aimed at controlling and reducing the risk of inappropriate behaviours. An experience I want to share.

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#beethechange Award 2016

Changing exchanging, multi-ethnicity and fashion, computer-aided greenhouses: many ways to #beethechange

The Carosella Group #beethechange Award keeps on growing! And looks ahead to prepare the 2017 edition. In the meanwhile, the 2016 edition’s final act.

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Russia and Compliance

Compliance vs. Ethics: our first experiences in Russia

A wise and effective approach to a global compliance-oriented business management seems to be coming from Russian Authorities.

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A new CSR-based Performance Management Model

Defining a new CSR-based Performance Management Model

What advantages can a company achieve by making its CSR-based commitment the main driver when improving its performances within a really responsible and sustainable strategy.

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Measure corporate performances against a new ethically responsible business conduct

How to measure corporate performances against a new ethically responsible business conduct

Let’s discover how a company can merge its CSR-based commitment and a Strategic Performance Management Model into a really responsible and sustainable strategy.

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Integrity and Risk Management

Integrity: is it just a cross-the- Board concept when it comes to risk management?

In every family rules are not enough by themselves. It’s all matter of setting the right example.

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ISO 37001

ISO 37001:2016: How to make anti-bribery efforts more effective

Finally fighting bribery is not anymore just matter of obligations and sanctions, but the very driver of a sound enterprise management system. The ISO approach to preventing and combatting corruptive behaviours sets a now hope out to finally pushing corruption and bribery out of the business arena

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Consider to change your risk mitigation strategy before the boat starts sinking

Keyword: integration - A Strategic Performance Management approach

Overlooking the link between strategy and risk management can distort either the strategy setting process or the assumptions your risk management model is based on. Some suggestions about how to avoid such a risk.

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Education system should train a new figure: the Sustainability Manager

Starting from education to improve future enterprises

 A new approach to defining the relationships between careers and competences. A new role for the education system.

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Stormtroopers and bad reputation

Strategic Performance Management Models to foster companies’ reputation


Everybody knows that the way a business performs is the ultimate key for building its reputation. But how can we make it actually work?

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Are you respecting who makes you work?

What the word “work” really means to me

“Work makes you free” someone, unfortunately, used to say some decades ago. And it actually does, though in a very, very different way. And you may say that work also means strain, growth, self-sufficiency. But what it means to me is a slightly different thing, which includes most of the others.

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