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Strategic Performance Management Models to foster companies’ reputation

Stormtroopers and bad reputation


Everybody knows that the way a business performs is the ultimate key for building its reputation. But how can we make it actually work?

In the recent decades, several catastrophic events affecting the global financial system as well as several multinational companies have highlighted the urgency of stricter and clearer rules as guidance and constraints for the enterprise’s governance.

At the same time those events made clear how much scandals, environmental disasters, financial crashes were caused by a widespread underestimation of risk, arising sometimes from a narrow-minded strategic vision, some others simply from ignorance and lack of perception of the consequences of any situation at risk, be it legal, social, ethical or reputational.

Nowadays, there is a much higher perception of how corporate ethical reputation functions as a fundamental asset in managing and especially in developing customer relationships and, more generally, market relationships.

It is no surprise that a modern management consulting area such as GRC (Governance, Risk management, Compliance) has been gaining an ever-growing importance in the last decade.

In this scenario, Performance Management Models become more and more important as they allow managers to measure the impact that responsible management and widespread risk controls choices may have on the administration and especially on the pursuit of the strategic objectives.


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