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Strategy and Risk: prevent not to repent

Prevention is better than cure

Keeping the link between strategy and risk management on the forefront of your management duties means keeping you on the right track when identifying your risk taking assumptions and, ultimately, in making the decisions your company does need to survive and thrive.

Risks may affect your strategy pursuit.

Measuring the impact of risks over the overall company’s strategy can be crucial in successfully pursuing the strategy. It means that any company should measure the impact that risks may have over financial and operating objectives, costs, marketing and even company’s reputation, as stated in your strategic business plan.

A risk detection, mitigation and monitoring system may be likely contributing to fix a company’s compliance issues.

We think that, to get the most from such a system, it needs to be including a timely and perfectly targeted risk mitigation process suggesting what actions need to be started in order to mitigate the risks assessed and monitoring their outcomes throughout their execution process.

In our opinion, such a tool should not only detect, score and monitor risks, but prevent them, mitigate them over time with the least engagement of people and resources monitor your organisation in order to keep it immune from risks show you how and how much risks and their mitigation can impact over the pursuit of your strategy.

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