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Survey: what do customers want when it comes to Risk Management and Compliance?

What do they need when it comes to Risk Management and Compliance?

Are really compliance and risk management best practices for improving and developing your enterprise? Let’s see what companies think and feel.

  • To discover the risk wherever it is hidden. They want to be supported with alerts and warnings as a risky situation is likely to occur. Before the risk actually occurs.

  • To get a timely advice about what to do should a risk show up anyway. Risk may not allow time for thinking or talking. A fast correction may be crucial!

  • Compliance not to be a burden: consumers often say they feel in some sort of a cage, as they are forced to personally monitor laws’ and regulations’ changes, control each and all actions they do against the applicable rules, write minutes and other evidence for anything that happens. And no time remains for doing business and making money

  • To be made able to figure out what the links are between risks and strategy and how much risks impact on the pursuit of the strategy

  • To be able to measure what advantages they may achieve from improving their ethical and compliant profile

  • To have the least engagement of their human resources in a compliance improvement project

  • To clearly see the relationship between the investment and the results

What is your experience? Add your point of view.

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